Sunday, 14 February 2016

Phys.Ed.Overview Term 1, 2016

From this year 2016 Phys.Ed will be based on the Australian Curriculum.It is divided into the following bands.
1) Foundation band -Reception 
2) Yr 1 & 2 band
3) Yr2 & 3 band
4) Yr 5 & 6 band.Some classes straddle the bands so some adaptations will be made.
Foundation band focus
1)to develop and practice the fundamental movement skill of Ball Control through active play and structured movement activities.
2)We will also be practicing sports day skills which has a number of fundamental movement skills in the events.
Year 1 & 2 band focus 
1)to broaden the range and complexity of the fundamental movement skills of Ball Control-individually,in groups and in teams.
2) Practicing Sports Day activities,the yr 3 s will be doing the Primary events.
Year 3 & 4 band focus
1)to build on previous learning  in movement  across the range of fundamental movement skills.Students will combine movements to create more complicated movement patterns and sequences.We are currently building on the fundamental movement skill of striking by learning the game of Floor Hockey.
2)We will also be working to better our Sports Day skills.
Year 5 & 6 band focus.
1)Further developing a wide range of fundamental skills in more complex movement patterns and situations through participating in games and sports.At the moment we are learning about the major sport of Volleyball.
2)We will also be looking at refining our Sports Day skills.
This is a program were students who need that little bit of extra confidence in Phys.Ed. are able to do so in a small group,less threatening environment.It is available for yrs 2/3 & yrs 4/5.
In a nutshell Phys.Ed. is all about giving students the skills and enjoyment of being involved in physical activity throughout their lives.
                                             L.Halliday (P.E.)

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