Saturday, 1 August 2015

Term 3 Overview of R - 5/6 Phys.Ed

Reception (Foundation band)

Learning the Fundamental Movement Skills
Focus Areas 

1. Throwing skills (cont.d)

  • Underarm with two hands (using a large ball) 
  • Underarm with one hand at targets
  • Have a go at overarm throwing 
2. Striking 

  • One handed using a hand bat
  • One handed from a Tee with a padda tennis bat
  • Two handed hit from a Tee e.g. Kanga bat, foam T ball bat 

Years 1&2 Band

Focus Areas 
Continue the fundamental movement skills through active play and minor games of skills 
1. Kicking (continued from last term)
The year 2/3s which overlap the bands are continuing the fundamental movement skill of throwing

  • A large ball from the ground
  • Punt kicking a large ball 
  • Punt kicking a football 
2. Dance 
  • Australian Bush Dancing

Years 3&4 Band

Building on previous learning of movement to develop greater proficiency across the range of fundamental movement skills in Modified Sport 

Focus Areas

1. Continuing modified Australian rules football 

2. Modified Field Hockey 

Years 5&6 Band 

Students refine and further develop a wide range of fundamental movement skills in more complex movement patterns i.e. Major Sports 
*Years 4/5, 5 & 5/6s. The 4/5 class overlap the bands, they will have a slightly different program 

Focus Areas

Year 4/5s

 1. G.L.O. games (Games of Low Organisation) where students participate in modified sports which emphasize cooperation in small and large groups. 

2. Basketball with North Adelaide Rockets

Year 5s 

1. Continue with badminton 

2. Basketball  with North Adelaide Rockets 

Year 5/6s 

1. Sofcrosse 

2. Table Tennis 

With only one 45 minute lesson a week it is probable that Sofcrosse will take up most of the term.

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