Thursday, 23 April 2015

Term 2 Overview,Phys.Ed.

Reception (Foundation Band)

  • re-enforcing procedures for safe and efficient lessons
  • develop and practice fundamental movement skills through active play and structured movement activities.
Focus Areas

  • running
  • horizontal jumping
  • hopping
  • following rules when participating in activities & co-operating with others

  • bouncing a large ball with two hands
  • continuous bouncing using one hand
  • dribbling with the feet
  • following rules when participating in activities and co-operating with others
Years 1&2 Band

  • building on the skills learnt in the reception yrs
  • completing the fundamental movement skills of ball control(from term 1)
Focus Areas
1.THROWING  through active play & minor games

  • rolling a ball underarms
  • underarm throwing
  • over-arm throwing
  • identify rules & playing fairly when participating in activities

2. KICKING  through active play &minor games
  • a large ball at a target(from the ground)
  • punt kicking a large ball(footballs&around balls)
  • punt kicking for accuracy
  • identify rules & playing fairly when participating in activities
Years 3 & 4 band
  • Building on previous learning in movement to help students develop greater proficiency across the range of fundamental skills in MODIFIED SPORT
Focus Areas
1.Newcombe Ball (a modified form of Volleyball)
  • chest passing a volleyball over a 2 metre high net
  • catching the volleyball with two hands
  • participating in small & large group pre- game skill activities
  • playing & understanding the rules of the game
  • playing fairly & showing good team skills
2.Modified Football

  • kicking a held football   
  • marking a football(chest mark and overhead mark)
  • hand balling & bouncing  a football
  • participating in group pre- game activities
  • playing & understanding  the rules of the game & playing fairly
  • good team skills
Years 4/5,5 & some yr6 's
Students refine and further develop a wide range of fundamental movement skills in more complex movement patterns
  • holding a sofcrosse stick correctly,scooping up the ball,throwing & catching the sofcrosse ball
  • participating in lead - up activities co - operatively
  • confidently demonstrating the skills 
  • understanding the rules and playing fairly,having a go
  • holding the racquet correctly & practicing hitting a shuttle in flight
  • forehand, backhand, serving and overhead shots
  • playing mini- matches & understanding the rules
  • confidently demonstrating the skills
  • playing fairly
- the yr 4/5 lessons will be adapted significantly to suit their skills.


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